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54. 5 Idioms To Show You’re Great At Work! - Talaera Bits

July 05, 2022 Talaera Business English Communications Training Episode 54
Talaera Talks - Business English Communication
54. 5 Idioms To Show You’re Great At Work! - Talaera Bits
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Learn these great 5 idioms to express that you're in control, that you're efficient, that you're working competently, and that you're working well! 💪🏼

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Paola Pascual  0:03 
Welcome to Talaera Talks, the business English communication podcast for non-native professionals. My name is Paola and I am co-hosting the show with Simon.

Simon Kennell  0:13 
In this podcast, we're going to be covering communication advice and tips to help express yourself with confidence in English in professional settings. So we hope you enjoy the show.

Simon Kennell  0:24 
Welcome back for another episode of Talaera Talks. My name is Simon. And as always, wherever you are, I hope you're having a great day. I know I am here in Copenhagen, Denmark, just hanging out, getting some things ready getting some things done. And of course, I want to share some idioms with you today for our Talaera Bit. So we've been sharing a few different phrases and idioms that you can use in different situations for our Talaera Bit. And today, I have a kind of an interesting one that I thought of that you may find useful. So today, we're talking about how you can express that you're in control, that you're efficient, that you're working competently, that you're working well. How can you express that what what phrases can we use to express that? Well, I'm going to tell a little story.

Simon Kennell  1:25 
Basically, I'm going to tell about a sales position that I'm thinking about hiring for and we need to find the right person, right. So we need someone who is going to come in and be on the ball, they are going to make sure that throughout the whole sales cycle, they have their finger on the pulse of whatever's happening. And if they need to, they're able to think on their feet. But ultimately, at the end of the day, they will meet their quota like clockwork. And that's really the biggest thing. So you know, we have some strategies that we use, but maybe if the incoming salesperson has something that they know, works like a charm. Great, that works.

Simon Kennell  2:16 
Okay, so here was me basically expressing the ideal salesperson that I want to hire. And I'm using some phrases here, right? I said, the person needs to be on the ball, right? Well, if you're on the ball, it means that you're aware of what's happening, and that if something comes up, you can deal with it very quickly. So I could say, yeah, no, don't worry, I'm on the ball. That means that Yeah, I know exactly what's happening. And if it needs to happen, I'll know the strategy to overcome an obstacle.

Simon Kennell  2:52 
And then I also said, we want to find someone that will keep their finger on the pulse. So what does that mean? Well, literally, it's that if you put your finger on your pulse, it means you're making sure that you're aware of something that you're aware of any changes or developments. So if I say, oh, yeah, I'm gonna keep my finger on the pulse with this thing, it means I'm going to be watching it very closely. And I'm going to make sure that things are running smoothly, and they're, you know, aren't going to be any big changes.

Simon Kennell  3:27 
And then I said, you know, maybe we can find someone who if they need to, can think on their feet, while obviously you're thinking all the time, but a person who can think on their feet is able to adjust really quickly. So they, you know, maybe you know, someone like this, if they're asked a question very, in a very direct way, and they need to change their strategy, they can very quickly adjust. And they can say something that makes sense, right? So a good lawyer, for example, needs to be able to think on their feet. A good salesman, of course, needs to be able to think on their feet.

Simon Kennell  4:09 
Now, I said as well that we want someone who will meet their quotas like clockwork, like clockwork, and this is a great expression. If you do something like clockwork, it means that it happens as expected. It happens regularly. At the time that it's supposed to happen, right? So I can say, Yeah, we meet every Wednesday like clockwork, that means every Wednesday we meet at the same time, exactly the way it's expected to happen.

Simon Kennell  4:43 
And then I could say maybe this person has some strategies and they have something that they know works like a charm, right? It works like a charm. It's something it can be a method or a way of doing something that works so well. Know that it's almost like it's a charm, it works like a charm. So, you know, a really great salesperson might have some strategies they use that, you know, if the sales are down, they use the strategy and it works like a charm.

Simon Kennell  5:14 
Okay, so we used a few expressions today, we talked about five ATMs on the ball, right? So when you're on the ball, you're aware, if something's happening, like clockwork, it's going and as expected, if you need to keep your finger on the pulse, you're always aware of it. And if you need to think on your feet, like a good lawyer, you're able to adjust very quickly. And finally, I hope that today's episode works like a charm, and that you're able to use all of these expressions throughout the next week at your work. So remember, you can use these when you're discussing other people or even about yourself, about being good at your job being efficient. And I think these are really very, very commonly used. And yeah, I hope that you can get on the ball and keep your fingers on the pulse and then work like a charm. And if you have any questions or any ideas about future episodes and, and idioms that you'd like to hear about, feel free to reach out to us at Talaera talks. Other than that, as always, keep learning.

Paola Pascual  6:29 
And that's all we have for you today. We hope you enjoyed it. And remember to subscribe to Talaera Talks. We'll be back soon with more

Simon Kennell  6:37 
And visit our website at talaera.com for more valuable content on business English. You can also request a free consultation on the best ways for you and your team to improve your communication skills. So have a great day and keep learning!

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